Interior Painting

Interior Painting

Interior painting requires commitment and thorough preparation to achieve impressions that will last. At TPS, we understand this and take full responsibility of your project from start to finish.

During a work contract, we will always protect your home including your wooden floors, carpets and furniture etc. We will leave your property neat and tidy on completion.

General interior painting project includes:

  • Masking/covering all floors, windows, doors, hardware and furniture as necessary.
  • Removing any dirt and debris from where painting work is going to be carried out.
  • All surfaces are thoroughly cleaned to ensure proper adhesion of the fresh paint.
  • All blemishes are treated with appropriate primers or sealers. These include watermarks, pen marks and smoke stains.
  • All loose/peeling paint will be scraped off, sanding away.
  • Plaster will be applied on any imperfections area where are required, to make it nice and even.
  • Cracks and holes are filled with the appropriate filler.
  • Primer (Acrylic sealers/pigment sealer) on any bare surface.
  • Applying high quality interior paint finish coat (two top coats finish).
  • Any excess paint is removed from windows.
  • Touch-up paint is left for future convenience in labelled containers.
  • Waste materials, by-products and used solvents are disposed of safely, properly and in an environmentally responsible manner.

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